Adcole Space Star Tracker


The Adcole Space Star Tracker is intended for CubeSat and NanoSat missions. The unit is completely self-contained and features Lost in Space star identification. When power is applied, you can begin receiving quaternions accurate to 10 arcseconds at 4 Hz rate.

The system has been extensively rate tested and shown to have 96.4% availability of solutions at a max tracking rate greater than 2.0°/sec. The electronics have been radiation tested to 75 krad while an optional baffle provides 45° of sun exclusion. The Adcole Space Star Tracker is available in either vertical or horizontal mounting.

  • The Star Trackers are export controlled through an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) issued by the United States Department of Commerce. Export shipment requires successful application for an export license (under ECCN 7A004 for Adcole Space Star Trackers).
  • Adcole Space is a 3rd party certified to AS9100D.


Key Specifications


Accuracy (Cross Axis / Boresight)

10 arcsec / 27 arcsec

Time to Solution

230 ms LIS, 170 ms Track (typical)

Max Tracking Rate

> 2.0°/sec

Update Rate

4 Hz nominal

Star Catalog

1889 stars to 7.08 VM


0.9 inch Aperture, f1.2 BK7 Glass

Sun Exclusion w/ Baffle


Operating Temperature

‘-30 to 55 °C

Weight (g) w/Baffle

475 grams

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) w/Baffle

120 mm x 61 mm x 61 mm

Baffle Weight (g)

93 grams

DC Voltage

5.0 V

Radiation TID (outside of case)

75 krad

Average power consumption

1.5 W

Serial Interface