Oakman Aerospace and ArsUltra Partner to Develop Modular Spacecraft Solution

Oakman Aerospace Inc. (OAI) and Argentina-based ArsUltra S.A. have signed a strategic Letter of Intent (LOI) to investigate collaborative efforts and commercial utilization associated with the development of modular spacecraft. The two organizations intend to explore a potential partnership to recognize their common interest in advancing spacecraft development through Modular Open System Architectures (MOSA) along with standardization and interoperability constructs.

OAI has a long history of implementing MOSA in the development of spacecraft systems, enabling efficient spacecraft design and integration. OAI’s Advanced Configurable Open-system Research Network (ACORN) provides a scalable and expandable, closed-loop, end-to-end space system modeling and simulation environment. ACORN implements MOSA to provide open, standardized interfaces for segments, elements, subsystems, and components—enabling rapid reconfiguration of the system.

“OAI and ArsUltra have very complementary and compatible products and services that will enable new and innovative solutions for our end-customers. We are already working closely with common teammates, suppliers, and stakeholders. This collaboration will continue to leverage and expand upon these existing relationships,” stated Stanley O. Kennedy, Jr. President and Chief Systems Engineer of Oakman Aerospace, Inc.

ArsUltra is a hardware development technology company specializing in the design and development of Mission Critical Computers, Flight Control and Navigation computers for space and special high-reliability industrial computers for flight subsystems. ArsUltra focuses on the research of space projects, concentrating on advanced modeling, simulation, analysis, design and development. Notably, ArsUltra has developed several projects for CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales) as well as technologically complex projects in the Oil & Gas sector in collaboration with YPF-Tecnología and Tenaris Siderca SAIC for modeling steel pipes without welding, among others. In development for the last four years, ArsUltra’s FREEDOM F1 Modular Spacecraft focuses on high reliability advanced modular spacecraft design.

The two organizations first will investigate the technical feasibility of integrating OAI’s MOSA expertise and ACORN tool with ArsUltra’s “FREEDOM F1 Modular Spacecraft” design into a complete, end to end spacecraft solution.

“ArsUltra and OAI have similar strategies and organizational values. We have identified a complimentary relationship between the software developments of OAI and ArsUltra’s hardware that allow us to envision a partnership which will revolutionize the development of modular architectures. This integration of both hardware and software into a complete solution answers the new challenges of the Space industry to come,” added Juan Martín Semegone, President and Chief Systems Engineer of ArsUltra S.A.

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