New Faces of the OAI Family

(Littleton, CO) – May 15th, was a busy day at the OAI office getting new employees and interns settled into their OAI offices. OAI welcomed Chad and Jonathon to the staff of now 14 full-time employees, along with Jaquelyn and Lucas as OAI summer interns for the 2017 summer. Chad & Jonathon will support software development efforts to including enhancements to OAI’s ACORN product line. Jaquelyn and Lucas join OAI from CU Boulder where they are both preparing for their senior year in the fall of 2017 to complete bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

Maureen O’Brien expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for having the new hires come on board: “OAI is growing! Our technologies and our people never cease to impress me. Every day we are finding more and more ways to expand and enhance our products and services that afford us the opportunity to hire the best Colorado has to offer. OAI continues delivering on our promise of ‘Making Space for Everyone’.”

In talking with the new employees, we asked them a few questions related to joining OAI:

What excites you about OAI?

“The opportunity to develop new, cost-effective, and modular designs while maintaining flight reliability excites me about working at OAI.  I think we have a unique opportunity to leave our mark on the industry and adapt some highly scalable technologies.” – Jonathon

What stood out to you on your first day?

“Starting at Oakman, I immediately felt the comradery among all of the employees and it made me feel at ease with my new job just walking in the door. I definitely was very happy to see that some of my coworkers bring their dogs to work which discourages a stressful environment. Everyone was very welcoming to the new hires and they definitely made it clear that they were happy to have us join the team. Within the first hour I was very excited about the upcoming projects and I could tell that my work would be very valuable to the projects that I was assigned. My first day exceeded my expectations!” -Jaquelyn

What brought you to OAI?

“I came to OAI because they provide a unique opportunity to their interns by allowing them hands on experience working on actual projects. This first-hand experience will give me insight on not only careers in the aerospace industry, but also the role small businesses play in the future of space exploration.” – Lucas

What do you think is the difference between OAI and the other companies you’ve worked at?

“I think the biggest difference is the attitude of the people who work here. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. Many companies claim to have a team oriented culture when in reality everyone is in competition. At OAI, it really does feel like we are a team working towards a common goal. It makes it a lot easier to come into the office and work hard every day knowing that my coworkers have my back.” -Chad

OAI is excited to have Chad, Jonathon, Jaquelyn, and Lucas join our team. For information related to joining OAI, visit

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