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Space Cameras

SpectraCAM High Resolution Flight Cameras

The Adcole Space SpectraCAM High Resolution Flight Cameras are engineered for low earth orbit (LEO) applications including docking, navigation, inspection, and situational awareness. Featuring GigE Vision™ image streaming over 1 Gb/s Ethernet, the camera’s low light sensitivity and wide dynamic range make the system ideal for high contrast


Star Trackers

Adcole Space Star Tracker

The Adcole Space Star Tracker is intended for CubeSat and NanoSat missions. The unit is completely self-contained and features Lost in Space star identification. When power is applied, you can begin receiving quaternions accurate to 10 arcseconds at 4 Hz rate. The system has been extensively rate tested and shown to have 96.4% availability of solutions at a max tracking rate greater than 2.0°/sec.


Sun Sensors

Digital Sun Sensor (±64°)

The Adcole Space Digital Sun Sensor ± 64° is a two-axis digital sun sensor system. The solution features two measurement axes and five sensors (1 to 8 sensors can also be used). The Digital Sun Sensor ± 64° is spaceflight proven, with a rich flight heritage. Applications for the Digital Sun Sensor ± 64° include attitude determination, sun acquisition, solar array pointing, and fail-safe


Fine Spinning Sun Sensor (±64°)

The Fine Spinning Adcole Sun Sensor provides better accuracy and resolution than the Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor. It is a redundant system consisting of one optical head per redundant electronics channel. It is used for attitude determination of spinning spacecraft, sun acquisition, and fail-safe recovery. DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET


Micro Sun Sensor

The smallest sun sensor in the Adcole Space product portfolio, the Adcole Space Micro Sun Sensor can be used for a variety of spacecraft missions requiring sun detection. One of the smallest sun sensors available on the marketplace today, the Micro Sun Sensor provides a cosine output of the sun angle for small satellite applications. The product offers these advantages: Extremely low mass Low


Digital Sun Sensor (±32°)

Adcole Digital Sun Sensors provide a large field of view with moderate accuracy and resolution. Each system consists of one or more optical heads, each of which provides two axes of sun angle data. Adcole ±32° Digital Sun Sensors provide better accuracy and resolution over a smaller field of view than the ±64° DSS. They are typically used for medium accuracy attitude determination. Systems


Coarse Sun Sensor Pyramid

The Coarse Sun Sensor (CSS) Pyramid is a 2 axis sensor containing  four  detectors,  used for applications including solar array pointing, sun acquisition, and failsafe recovery. Over 1,000 Adcole Analog Sun Sensors have been deployed on hundreds of spacecraft since the 1960s. Analog Sun Sensors provide a very large field of view with less accuracy than Adcole’s Digital Sun Sensors. Adcole Space is able


Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor (±87.5°)

Adcole Spinning Sun Sensors are uniquely designed to provide sun aspect angle and sun crossing pulses for spinning spacecraft. This information is used to determine spin rate and spin axis orientation relative to the sun. The Adcole Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor is designed for use on small spinning satellites. This sensor has flown on the ST5, Themis, and MMS satellite clusters. DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET


Fine Sun Sensor (±50°)

Adcole Space Fine Sun Sensors are used in attitude control applications where sub-arcminute accuracy and millidegree angular resolution are required. Adcole Space Fine Sun Sensors are designed in single or two-axis configurations. Each sensor can be custom designed to meet specific performance requirements for Field of View (FOV), accuracy, resolution, and other key parameters. Over 1,000 Adcole Space Analog Sun Sensors have been deployed


Complementary Products

Diagnostic & Test

Adcole Space adds value to your mission hardware by providing diagnostic and test services. Our 65 years of experience, coupled with the company’s hardware and software engineers can test your product before it gets to the launch pad, or the test bed, or a routine project review — detecting issues before they become failures, and saving your organization time and resources as you race



Adcole Space Stimulator System uses infrared LEDs to illuminate the cells of each sun sensor. The Sun Sensor Stimulator System provides a practical means to obtain optical stimulus for the ground checkout of sun sensor hardware. Using the Sun Sensor Stimulator System, your organization can: Verify sun sensor functionality, including sun angles, sun presence, and spin pulse (if applicable) Provide Sensor Aliveness testing over


Engineering Models & Control Panels

Engineering Models Engineering Models benefit your organization by providing a cost-effective, rapidly produced solution that meets performance requirements. Adcole Space offers Engineering Models (EMs) of any flight hardware – including Sensor Heads and Electronics.  EMs are typically equivalent to flight hardware in form, fit, and function, but are built using non-flight components.  Thus, we can create a fully functional and accurate model at a


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