Landing Day Arrives For Mars 2020 Mission

Redwire Technology arrives to the Red Planet Aboard NASA’s Historic Mars Mission.


Redwire’s Innovative Solar Array Technology Powering the Future of Space Exploration


Redwire’s First-Of-Its-Kind Solar Array Technology Launching to the International Space Station

Discover why Redwire is the mission partner of choice for space infrastructure

Join our mission and accelerate humanity’s future in space

Explore Redwire’s 50 years spaceflight heritage

Heritage + Innovation

Redwire is the leading developer of mission critical solutions and high reliability components for the next generation of critical space infrastructure.

Combining decades of flight heritage with the agile, innovative culture of a commercial space platform, Redwire is primed to deliver end-to-end solutions to meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers and significantly advance the future of space exploration.