In-Space Manufacturing & Operations

When gravity is removed, possibilities expand. Redwire is delivering the unique benefits of in-space production to Earth and beyond.
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Space Enabled Products
Optical Crystal / Ceramic Turbines / Optical Fiber

Products manufactured in microgravity have enhanced properties offering unique benefits that cannot be replicated on Earth.

Human Spaceflight Operations
On-Demand Manufacturing / ISRU / Mission Support

In-space manufacturing reduces mission costs, decreases delivery time, and allows for rapid response to mission parameters as they evolve.

Regenerative Medicine
3D bioprinting / Cell Therapy / Bone Densitometry

Print biomaterial that can be used for organ & tissue development not possible on Earth.

Plants In Space
Crop Production / Gene Expression / Long-Duration Spaceflight

Reproduce the gravity of Earth, the moon, Mars, and beyond to observe its effects on living cells and tissue.
When quality is critical.

Redwire’s In-Space Production facilities onboard the International Space Station are operational and ready to produce advanced materials and high-value goods in space for customers on Earth.

Space Enabled Products

Why Space Enabled Products
Industrial products manufactured in microgravity have enhanced properties that cannot be replicated on Earth by eliminating gravity induced impurities or flaws, resulting in better performance. From optical crystals, ceramic manufacturing, and more, Redwire has a range of innovative space manufacturing capabilities. [Learn more…]
Applications & Uses
  • High-temperature optical fiber
  • Ultra-fast optical switches
  • Optical circuit lithography
  • high performance turbine blisks
  • Single-crystal thin films
  • Optical waveguides
  • Terahertz wave sensors
  • [Discover more…]

On-Demand 3D Printing in Space

Benefits of 3d printing in Space

As the space economy grows and NASA embarks on new missions to the Moon and beyond, the “make it, don’t take it” fulfillment model will play a critical role in ensuring mission success. In-space manufacturing reduces mission costs, decreases delivery time, and allows for rapid response to mission parameters as they evolve. Redwire is ready to bring the benefits of our on-demand manufacturing to support your mission.
Applications & Uses
  • On-demand tools and devices
  • Lunar surface infrastructure
  • Mission hardware
  • Space-made products for use on Earth
  • [Discover more…]
Rapid, responsive, and resilient mission support delivered on demand.
Redwire pioneered 3D printing in space in 2014 and has manufactured 200+ parts and objects for a variety of customers including NASA and commercial partners.
Improving Life on Earth.

Redwire’s bioscience facilities are expanding the frontier of human health to deliver critical insights to improve drug delivery and therapeutics. Biomedical technology for microgravity tissue manufacturing, in-space biological research for academic and commercial customers, and treatment development.

3D Bioprinting in Space

Why Bioprint Tissue in Space
Human tissue 3D-printed from biomaterials produced on Earth will collapse under its own weight, while that same tissue printed in space will maintain its shape and integrity opening the door to exciting medical breakthroughs. From stem cell research, testing osteoporosis treatments, and more, Redwire offers a range of bioscience capabilities that are focused on improving life on Earth.
Applications & Uses
  • Bioscience research
  • Regenerative medicine research
  • Bone loss and muscle wasting studies
  • Cultured meat production research
  • Cardiac tissue prints
  • Meniscus tissue prints
  • [Discover more…]

Plants in Space

Benefits of using gravity as a variable

Conducting plant growth research in microgravity is opening the door to improving plant production on Earth while also enabling food production for long-duration spaceflight. From understanding how plants can withstand extreme terrestrial environments to developing plants that can more efficiently use water and adapt to changing environments, Redwire is at the forefront of cutting-edge plant research for government and commercial customers.

Applications & Uses
  • on-orbit plant growth studies
  • long-duration spaceflight
  • sustainable crops
  • [Discover more…]
Growing better plants starts in space.
Redwire supports a wide range of plant research in space and is the sole manager of NASA’s Advanced Plant Habitat. Growing plants in space leverages the microgravity environment to elucidate key insights into plant growth for improved production and sustainability.

Heritage + Innovation

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Redwire continues to lead the way in pioneering innovative in-space manufacturing and servicing technologies that deliver incomparable benefits and cost savings across a wide range of applications.

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