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John Vellinger

Executive Vice President, In-Space Manufacturing & Operations

John is Executive Vice President of Redwire’s In-Space Manufacturing and Operations business unit. In this role, he serves the company’s civil, commercial, and defense customers with novel biotechnology, life, and physical science research and manufacturing solutions, and is developing cutting-edge in-space servicing, assembly, and manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities.

Prior to this, John was President and CEO of Techshot, Inc., which was acquired by Redwire in 2021. John co-founded Techshot in 1988 as a continuation of the space payload development work that he began as an eighth-grade student with his “Chix in Space” experiment that first flew on the ill-fated Challenger and later re-flew on Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-29) in March of 1989. In this role, John was Techshot’s chief innovator, and developed dozens of new technologies enabling research and manufacturing in space for a broad spectrum of federal, institutional, and industrial customers.

John has been involved in the design and development of dozens of experiment payloads and earned the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal for developing the Techshot Bone Densitometer, the first medical X-ray system ever flown in space which has successfully performed 156 scans in space to date. He personally flew on the parabolic research flight that 3D bioprinted the first neonatal heart ventricle in microgravity using adult human stem cells. In addition to bioprinting, John oversaw the expansion of Techshot’s catalog of in-space manufacturing technologies to include payloads to produce pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace-grade titanium components.

John has been a member of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research for more than 30 years and has delivered numerous technical presentations and authored several society publications. John holds several patents, with additional provisional patents pending, and has published numerous technical papers.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a specialty in biomedical design from Purdue University.


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