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Austin Jordan

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Austin Jordan is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Redwire. In this role, Austin leverages his extensive content marketing expertise to oversee Redwire’s global marketing, communications, and brand strategy. Austin is responsible for elevating the company’s brand positioning within the market by guiding the external communications, internal communications, digital communications, strategic communications, media relations, and brand development teams. He also manages Redwire’s corporate social responsibility programs.

Prior to joining Redwire, Jordan led marketing and communications at Made In Space, where he spearheaded brand management maturation strategy. Previously, he led digital strategy for the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, where he was responsible for brand development and content marketing strategy.

Austin is also a passionate supporter of STEM outreach and has worked closely as a speaker, ambassador, and mentor with organizations serving underrepresented communities to share the excitement of space technology with new audiences.

Currently, he serves as a mentor for Zed Factor Fellowship and Take Stock In Children.

Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in technical writing and new media from the University of South Florida.


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