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Andrew Rush

President & Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Rush is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Redwire. As an experienced aerospace executive and thought leader, Andrew oversees Redwire’s business portfolio, long-term planning, and strategic investments. Under Andrew’s guidance, Redwire diversified its portfolio across civil, national security, and commercial organizations, including significantly boosting the International Space Station’s power-generating capability with roll-out solar arrays, building more than 40 antennas for a national security customer, and providing state-of-the-art digital engineering solutions for commercial providers.

A strong advocate for manufacturing technology development and adoption, Andrew has positioned Redwire at the vanguard of in-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing capabilities, leading the company to become the first to manufacture parts in space, sell a space-built product to a customer on Earth, and build the first-ever satellite that will manufacture and assemble parts of itself on-orbit.

Previously, Andrew served as president and CEO of Made In Space, leading its growth and eventual acquisition by Redwire. Prior to his time at Made In Space, Andrew was a partner in a boutique patent law firm.

Andrew is a member of the NASA Advisory Council’s Technology, Innovation and Engineering Committee and serves on the Physics Advisory Group at the University of North Florida.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from University of North Florida and a Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law.


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